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Redeemer PCA is a new church founded upon the historic Christian faith and the message of grace. It is our aim to be A PLACE OF GRACE, where you can discover truth, embrace community, give back and become all God has created you to be. 

Though we are a new church, Redeemer Gardendale is part of a rich heritage back to the 16th and 17th century reformation when ordinary men, used by God in His grace, led the church in recovering Biblical Christianity. The passion of those ordinary men was a faith that emphasized the motto: “From Scripture Alone…By Grace Alone… Through Faith Alone… In Christ Alone… To God Alone Be The Glory.” 

We strive to be a church where the gospel message of the freedom found in Christ Jesus is preached, taught, grasped, and lived out in whatever walk of life God has called us. We wish to be confident in our standing before the Father and completely accepted in Christ Jesus, apart from any supposed goodness of our own. In our reliance on His Grace, we seek to be a warm, genuine, and transparent body of believers. 

We want to do all things in a Godly and Christian manner. Particularly, we wish to be as creative and as hospitable as possible in reaching people from all walks of life. It is for our reliance upon the life-changing message of grace, however, that we wish to be defined, so that we may do all things for the glory of God. 



We believe the Bible to be the Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and without error. We are committed to historic Reformed theology. Our doctrine is expressed in the Westminster Standards. The Standards are composed of: 

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