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Messianic Psalms - Psalm 8: Majesty, Worship His Majesty

Psalm 8

Majesty, Worship, His Majesty, unto Jesus be all honor, Glory, and Praise. Majesty

As the central focus of Psalm 8, this is the Praise song I’ve been singing all week as I‘ve been working on my sermon. This is a Psalm of David in which he is prophesying a truth far beyond himself and singing a song according to the Gittith. You can almost hear him singing as he recites the attributes of Christ:

The incomprehensible, immeasurable, unfathomable Majesty of His Lord set above the heavens. His Majesty is reflected in His Name; Yahweh and Adon or Ruler, Sovereign one, and Master.

His strength and Power manifest, not in an impressively large caricature, as illustrated with David as a young lad with 3 smooth stones defeating Goliath, the 9-foot terror of Israel or as Christ Jesus coming to redeem a People, coming not as a King in all his splendor, but as a babe wrapped in swaddling cloths…His power manifest in a yet small child from a yet small village.

Considering verses 3-5, can you imagine David as he looks up into the night sky considering all he sees? I’ve got a telescope and, while the magnification isn’t great, I can see the rings around Saturn. That’s impressive, far more impressive than what David could see. Some of you may know that, beyond being a Pastor, I am a PhD Biochemist/Biophysicist. My area of expertise is in Structural Biology where I use an electron microscope to take very high magnification pictures of small molecules associated with a cell and necessary for life. When the photos are overlapped and assembled, I obtain a 3-D structure of that one small molecule at the size of atoms! Like the David of Scripture looking into the sky, I’ve been blessed to see the Glory of what the Lord has spoken into existence ex-nilo, or from nothing.

This God, YHWH or Adoni, being spoken of here in verses 3-9 is Christ…Christ and His Glory. Imagine now that Christ Jesus, by virtue of what is referred to as the Redemptive Covenant, came to earth to meet me…to meet you…just as you are…just as I am. As but a child, He came to reconcile me…reconcile you…to purchase us eternally by paying the full price for my sin…for your sin.

“…Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? …” Christ Jesus, it is He! Who will we see as we come to His Holy place, Christ Jesus, it is He! And we sing…

Majesty, Worship His Majesty, unto Jesus be all honor, Glory, and Praise. Majesty

For His Glory,

David W. Chester



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