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Vision and Values

The vision of Redeemer is to be A Place of Grace that sends Agents of Grace into this world with the Gospel of Grace. Breathing in the air of grace, we aim to represent the love of Christ as much as possible in a broken world through the fellowship (or communion) of the Church. 

Redeemer has four values that are core of who we desire to be as a church: 


Grounded in Truth: 

We aim to develop healthy, mature followers of Christ through a solid biblical theology and vital worship and prayer. 

Spiritual formation is the process whereby God the Father transforms us into the image of his beloved Son through the work of the Holy Spirit. This process is aided by regular practices of engagement with Scripture, prayer, spiritual friendships, and classic Christian disciplines and resources, the end of which is sacrificial, self-giving love for God and neighbor. 

Devoted in Community: 

We desire to be a community who is learning and growing together; we do this by corporate worship on Sundays and smaller community groups throughout the week. 

Spiritual formation occurs through the formative life of worship on Sundays and through community groups intentionally designed to enhance deeper growth in Christ through meaningful relationships between Sundays and local enough to join in Christ’s mission where you live. 

Giving Back to Others: 

We strive to make a difference by serving north Jefferson County and beyond. It is our hope that Redeemer is characterized by a lifestyle of extravagant generosity. 

Service events within our communities range from serving at local festivals to working alongside chamber events to partnering with local schools on service projects. Each community group cultivates love for God, love for one another and love for neighbors. This happens informally through spontaneous connections and formally through serving the neighborhood, sharing meals, Bible study and prayer. 

Mining Potential Dreams: 

We work to help people to become who they were designed to be by helping them discover and reach their potential. 

Redeemer’s ministry teams provide opportunities for people to express their skills and passions by working with others to serve their community and church. Ministry teams are vital to the mission of our church in that they create the necessary infrastructure to provide Scripture and Sacrament for our worship and to serve the surrounding communities. 

(Wording for core values adapted from Rod Entrekin @ChristChurch

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