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Christ the King

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

This Advent season we will be looking at Christ in the Psalms. Of course, we can only select a few Psalms. So, this year we will consider Psalms 2, 45, 110, & 72. Because Christ has come, he is the King in the Psalms. In Psalm 2 he is the King, who is God’s Son, established on Zion’s hill. In Psalm 45, he is the King who has come to seek a bride, to win and woo you and me, and to provide us beautiful robes. He is the forever King and the forever Priest in Psalm 110. Having served as the Priest who offers the sacrifice, we also learn that he is the sacrifice who laid his life down for us. So, in Psalm 72, because of the resurrection and ascension, our King is, in fact, Lord of all. This King, who is wonderful, beautiful, and glorious, is also Lord of all.

Today, for the first Sunday of Advent, we looked at Psalm 2 that told us that Christ is God’s Son, his mediator, his ruler on earth, we are right at the heart of what Christmas is about. May God grant you grace to see and hear and wonder today at the Incarnation!

If you were unable to join our Live, you can find the sermon here:

Thank you for worshiping with us this morning on this first Advent Sunday.

Come Lord Jesus,


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