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Reformed Perspective Links

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Below we hope you find some other useful websites which offer a reformed perspective.  They can be great tools for knowledge, understanding, and outreach.


A “web-zine” about Presbyterian issues and Christianity and culture.

The Westminster Confession of Faith with Scripture Proofs

Together with the Catechisms, the Westminster Standards delineate what we believe.

The White Horse Inn

The web site of Dr. Michael Horton’s radio ministry and the place to access great articles on Reformed theology, as well as Modern Reformation magazine.

Key Life

The Gospel ministry of Steve Brown

byFaith Online

The PCA magazine – articles, information, ministries and more.

The Ransome Fellowship

A Reformed ministry that addresses Christians and the culture including movie reviews, book reviews and commentary.

A Puritan’s Mind

A great site about Puritans, Reformation theology and their connection with book reviews, apologetics, history and creeds.


A cool link for theology.

Catechism for Young Children

A very good catechism for very young kids.

English Standard Version Bible

The ESV Bible is a new, essentially literal Bible translation that combines word-for-word precision and accuracy with literary excellence, beauty, and readability.

Excellent Resource for Reformed Documents.

The Westminster Confession of Faith

The Confession of faith to which we subscribe

Presbyterian Church in America

Our denomination


This site is the home of the teaching fellowship of R C Sproul which offers a large variety of teaching series, articles and devotional materials for reformation.

This is the home site of John Piper’s teaching ministry. This website provides many helpful resources for those desiring to grow in their relationship with the Lord as they are grounded in the truths of Scripture.


The college ministry of the PCA

A Few More Helpful Links:

Westminster Theological Seminary

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

Reformed Theological Seminary


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